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Exclusive: Doe Deere of Lime Crime

Lime Crime makeup is the realization of one girl’s bright idea to bring color into what she perceived to be a otherwise pallid world. In 2008, NYC-LA based makeup artist and style blogger Doe Deere created Lime Crime to provide a makeup experience that customers couldn’t get from any other brand. With bright unique colors, products and packaging, Doe Deere’s vision is clearly successful. VAINSTYLE was lucky enough to ask Lime Crime creator Doe Deere about her makeup line, personal style and future plans for Lime Crime. Check out the exclusive interview below!
How did you get your start in makeup?
Even though I was a tomboy all throughout high school, my interest in makeup began around the age of 8. I loved the idea of wearing eyeliner, applying my mom’s eyeshadow and gloss and was eager to do it at slumber parties and sleepovers. I rediscovered makeup when I was 18, when a friend of my mother’s made me beautiful for prom. I loved the feeling of being confident in my looks.
The idea to start my own makeup line came to me in 2008, when I realized the makeup I wanted to wear — bright, intensely pigmented — didn’t exist. And the rest is history!
Why unicorns on your makeup packaging?
I love fairy tales — anything supernatural piques my interest. Unicorns in particular appeal to me as symbols of strength, beauty, and individuality (uni = one). They also stand for kindness to others, especially other animals (Lime Crime is cruelty-free). Unicorns may have been a bit overused lately, but it doesn’t change my brand’s philosophy!
What is your favorite item from Lime Crime?
We just came out with the LIP NOIR micro-collection: 3 lipsticks, gray, wine-red and glossy black. Glamour 101, the red, is my perfect retro-red at the moment — when I go out, I can’t get enough of it!
Besides Lime Crime of course, what other brands of makeup do you use and love?
I’m not too picky and find myself looking for products more than brands. My favorite gel liner is Clinique, foundation by Makeup Forever, perfume by Anna Sui… Whatever works!
Where do you draw inspiration for new colors?
My background is in fashion and music, which tend to be seasonal, conceptual and cyclical. Like a designer or a musician would, I think in ‘collections’ or ‘albums’. A theme usually presents itself; I only need listen to my heart. Usually, I’m so inspired by something, it’s impossible NOT to make a collection out of it!
Can you explain the process in creating a lipstick or eye shadow?
There is the technical side to it and then there’s the creative. I like to start with the creative — get obsessed with the theme and pick colors/textures to represent it. Then it’s off to the lab — I have an incredible group of chemists who help me develop formulas and ensure that the shades perform the way they should. It takes anywhere from 3-6 months to develop a range of 10 shades, depending on how precise my vision is — sometimes it morphs as you go along!
Do you have plans to expand the Lime Crime line? Nail polish? Lip-gloss?
I am constantly working on new products but usually keep it under wraps until it’s time. (smile) We may or may not have a sparkly surprise for our fans this Holiday Season!
What new colors can we expect from up and coming Lime Crime lines?
Vivids. Muted. Neons. Darks. Pastels. When it comes to color, I don’t discriminate! But always intense and always immensely pigmented — true to the Lime Crime tradition.
What one celebrity do you think embodies what your brand stands for and why?
I like Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Rihanna, Nikki Minaj. Someone with a bold, adventurous sense of style.
How would you explain your personal style?
Quirky, dreamy, inspired. Ever-evolving, eclectic. Individualist with just a hint of retro!
What is the one thing in your closet you paid too much for?
Oh man, let me tell you about my pony rug! Not technically clothing but it’s sitting in my closet nonetheless. I came across this vintage sheepskin area rug (in excellent condition), it had a pony design and I just had to have it. It was a hundred bucks — not a bank-breaker, but possibly the worst a hundred bucks I ever spent because the minute I got home I realized I had no place for it. Dang! Now I’m frantically racking my brain for someone to gift it to — it is an excellent rug…
What garment or accessory can you never have enough of?
If you look inside my closet, you will see 1 item stretched across the rack: dresses. I have dozens and dozens of dresses and don’t think I could have too many. Most are vintage, with some kind of a unique pattern. I just found one in a vintage shop that has a print of every animal under the sun: from zebra to giraffe! Accessories, I really love Bakelite bangles and vintage brooches. I have a collection of rings which rarely sees the light of day; I just don’t like how they feel on my hands.
Any plans to create a clothing line?
Believe it or not, that’s exactly what Lime Crime was originally — a DIY clothing line! I used to sew and sell clothes on eBay under that handle. When the time came to come up with a name for my makeup company, it was a perfect fit!
Who is your favorite clothing designer?
I’m a fan of Anna Sui, Betsey Johnson and vintage Biba. Definitely having a moment with the 1970s right now. (smile)
What event throughout your make up career stands out the most?
Definitely our SpaceNK Tour. We got to go to London and meet-and-greet fans in several stores, then come back to the US and do it all again on the East and West Coast. I enjoy giving makeovers — it’s like playing dress-up with new friends!
Be sure to grab Lime Crime’s new Lip Noir collection online at www.limecrimemakeup.com on September 1st! To keep up with Doe Deere make sure to follow her blog.
-Amanda Rose

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