jueves, 22 de septiembre de 2011

3 types of women with CURVES

Well as in the fashion world there is controversy as to label a girl with Curves or Plus to model and to participate on the runway here I leave my humble opinion. I divided them into three categories:

In the picture the first girl's size 8, second size 12 and third size 14.
 1. Full Figure-Girls

Those that are in my opinion between size 8 to size 10, which  is ridiculous as they are spectacular and thin. Even bikinis can be used as they can show their abdomen that does not have those Love Handle as we say here in Puerto Rico  chichito that ruin our life. We must also be realistic the girls in the fashion world at a height of 5'7 forward and limbs tend to look longer and with more dimension. But if we see them walking down the street are Broads which appear to be a size  no greater than 6 and I in my personal character I don't think they are Plus, Yes  with curves but not in the category of plus-size girl.

2. Plump girls  -
                      Those that are between size 12 to size 14 are girls with more curves in their definition but also do not consider plus size girls can dress up as yet between a size L size XL to a regular clothing store. I think you see them walking on the street are girls who make heads turn as their curves  are slightly more marked than girls Full Figure.

3. Plus Girls -

                     Those that are between size 16 and up, the society lists chubby girls who are not healthy . To the world being overweight is synonymous with a disorganized life in some
aspects , such as not workout, not on diets and especially people who are sedentary. In which I disagree because I am a size 16 and I exercise and eat a diet without starving me not to leave my Gustitos.

To me there is no skinny girls, full figure, plus, plump they are real girls who want to be an improved version of themselves. With dreams, goals like any human being, to discriminate by the size of your body, knowledge and skills are not in your body if their  brain. Unfortunately you are who allow discrimination in your life because if you let what other people say affect you. Plus having curves and being Plus  is beautiful because it is a lifestyle.  I do not promote obesity, I promote a better quality of life and include in your daily exercise routine at least 30 minutes of cardio and a balanced diet as I said above without going hungry, cares for you because if you do not do no one  do it for you.
If you follow my blog will find several articles of tasteful dressing according to the shape of your body.
Stay beautiful and healthy

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