viernes, 23 de noviembre de 2012


 3 Chic Ways to Do Burgundy


 Tara Lynn

"I love a strong lip and burgundy is one of the strongest," says Glick. "It is a classic look — and it serves as a great alternative to the usual red lip. Some women find it hard to switch up things from their normal routines, but I have noticed that wearing a bright red lip has lost a little bit of its sparkle. It has become more mainstream and doesn't convey the same rebelliousness as it once did. I think that is why this deeper richer color red has such a beautiful allure." She adds that burgundy may be tough to wear if you have thinner lips as it draws most of the attention of the face to the mouth.

 Rosie Mercado

"Wearing a burgundy eye can be fun and bring a little life to your look," "Usually, people say that they feel as though it makes them look 'dead' or 'tired,' but if done right, it can really make you pop." According to Glick, the key to a good application is mixing the burgundy tones with other warm tones, like deep browns, greens, purples, or black. "You can wear it alone, without any low light or highlight shading, but this look only really works for the bold or in the magazines," she cautions. "If you incorporate this color, thinking of it like a jewel tone, it doesn't seem as scary."


Fluvia Lacerda

 "I think a strong cheek should have one accompaniment, like just a lip or just an eye but both should be subtle and soft. The cheek will make its own statement and there is no need to compete with the other features of the face." She adds that if you are going to do a full face of makeup, you should use a cream or powder blush: Liquids or stains can pick up your foundation and make it appear splotchy.

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domingo, 11 de noviembre de 2012

Black Tie

Black-Tie Dressing

Adopt The New Le Smoking Suit
The key to the new Le Smoking suit? It doesn't have to be a real suit set at all — find plush blazers and trousers in oversized, cropped cuts in varying shades of black. As long as you're mixing textures, too, you can get away with different black hues. Pair with a sleek clutch and strappy stilettos. 

Get Tough With Your Accessories
The studs and spikes of past seasons have been replaced with golden chains, oversized jewels, and other ostentatiously over-the-top bangles, necklaces, and earrings.

Don't Be Afraid To Make A Mess
Just because your look is super-polished doesn't mean your hair has to be. A slightly messy, undone 'do keeps your look from being too fussy or uptight, and instead adds a bit of edge. Try pairing your gown with a loosely pinned updo and a few wispy flyaways, or some textured waves to modernize your look. Just don't go too crazy with it: You don't want to look like you got caught in a wind tunnel on the way to the party, or resemble a walk of shame before the night has even begun.

Let Your Coat Be The Centerpiece
During the colder months, you might not even want to take your jacket off indoors — and that's alright! Perfect for party hopping (New Years Eve, anyone?), this look only works if you're not toting around winter gloves, a hat, and chunky scarves.

Hanna Coat in Black

Color Your World (Or At Least Your Lips)
Black tie, as the name implies, isn't really big on color, but that doesn't mean you can't have a little bit of Technicolor fun. Vibrant lipsticks, jewel-toned liners, bright pops of blush, and Crayola-colored mascara are all rad ways to add some youth and energy to your party look. Just don't use them all at once, or you lose the sophistication and start veering off into teeny-bopper territory. Pick one out-of-the-box accent and keep the rest of your look natural and low-key.

When In Doubt? Belt It
A belt might seem too casual for an evening gown, but if you've got something that fits a little frumpy, or is an inch too long, just cinch your waist with a belt. The key is to find a belt in a pristine leather, velvet, or metal material — anything that's not going to look too casual.

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