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Does having a plus sized sorority condone morbid obesity?

 Frugivore, a health and lifestyle online magazine I read a bit, brought to my attention a plus sized women sorority, Chi Zeta Theta. The magazine had mixed reviews about the organization formed in 2005. One of the issues Frugivore had with the sorority is it uses the Greek system. I’m not a huge fan of sororities and fraternities, but I won’t get on my soapbox…I have my reasons. But the magazine also insinuated the goal of the organization was to endorse obesity. People are mistaking plus size acceptance and empowerment for condoning morbid obesity and I’m kinda getting tired of it!
 Like plus size advocates, bloggers, and retailers are saying…come on ladies (and men) keep eating your fat laden meals chocked with cholesterol and sugar…don’t exercise…get as fat as you can…and remember self-acceptance. Let me make sure my mic is on…testing…testing…is this thing on?? I have an announcement…people that are advocates for plus size people do NOT condone obesity. What we do condone is being healthy, accepting you may never be a skinny person, and don’t try to hurt yourself to achieve this sometimes unreachable goal.
 In all situations, being morbidly obese is harmful to one’s body and mind, but at the same token, not everyone is meant to be traditional sample size two. The message of self-acceptance and self-growth is now being seen in some circles as embracing all that is unhealthy. A person that is morbidly obese, may show no signs of health problems, but believe me…your body is like a ticking time bomb.
As plus size women, we have to work even harder to make sure we are healthy inside and out. We have to watch what we are eating. We have to exercise. Many plus size women are on the line of being unhealthy; some has crossed the line already. (Remember guys…I’m preaching to the choir here…I’m not the healthiest person by any means!)
It’s wonderful to have groups that celebrate diversity of the human body, race, and spirit. We have to let the general public know, just because we celebrate plus size life…doesn’t mean we celebrate an unhealthy death.




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