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100+ Followers Giveaway Contest!


I have crossed 100 on my blog and fan pages!:) And as it's my birthday today, I'm thinking of a great way to celebrate it !!:)
As promised I'm announcing 'MY FIRST EVER GIVEAWAY' for you all as a token of thanks! The best part?!! its INTERNATIONAL :) 

The winner gets:
  • 1 Luscious Twilight Kit
  • 1 Luscious Twilight Pencil
  • 1 Luscious Metallic Clutch Bag [in Pink]
  • 1 Color Rush Lipstick by Color Studio Professional [Tornado]
  • A pair of dangly drop-shaped earrings
  • A pair of cute flower clips
Luscious Twilight Kit

A limited-edition collection of new shades inspired by theTwilight Saga that will get you gorgeous in minutes!
Featuring the Cullen Crest on its cover, this petite palette is a treasure trove of eyeshadows, lip glosses and face shimmer inspired by characters from the series.

This palette contains:
8 Eyeshadows: Full Moon, Mortal, Jane, Eclipse, Alice, Esme, Venom, Rosalie.
4 Lip Glosses: Glow, Emily, Fatal, Bitten.
1 Face Shimmer: Bella

Luscious Cream Eye Liner Pencil [twilight]

A velvety liner for the eyes containing a blend of antioxidants and vitamins. Richly pigmented to deliver intense, gorgeous colour. Glides on softly without tugging or irritating your eyes.

Luscious Metallic Clutch Bag[Pink]

Color Rush Lipstick by Color Studio Professional

A pair of dangly drop-shaped earrings

A pair of cute flower clips

I am so excited for the person who wins all this and honestly I so want all of you to win !! But ofcourse there would be only one winner:)

Please read the rules carefully. I will be checking all the entries. Fake entries will not be included. If you miss out anything from the MUST rules, that entry will not be counted. 

Rules for entering this GIVEAWAY!

MUST Entries:
1. Follow my blog. (publicly) [+2 entries]

2. 'LIKE' my Facebook Page Rakhshan's Blog  [+2 entries]

1. Do a blog post about my GIVEAWAY,add the picture and link it back to my giveaway blogpost. [+4 entries]
2. Add my Giveaway picture on the Side bar of your blog and link it back to my  blogpost [+3 entries]
3. Follow me on Twitter @RakhshansBlog [+2 entries]
4. Tweet this: [+2 entries] 
[ Enter Rakhshan's Blog 100+ Followers Giveaway Contest @RakhshansBlog http://rakhshansblog.blogspot.com/  ]
5. Your Favorite eyeshadow/blush/combo Palette ever? [+1 enthttp://rakhshansblog.blogspot.com/2011/11/my-100-followers-giveaway-contest.html

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