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10 Plus Size Fashion Don’ts

muffin top 3 10 Plus Size Fashion DontsIn the world of plus size fashion there is so much excitement that some ladies don’t think about what they are wearing until it is too late. I assume you are a grown person who does not need to be told what to do.  The point of a list of plus size fashion don’ts is to get you to into the mode of thinking that starts with “if I have doubts about it from the start I may need to rethink my outfit.”
Disclaimer: Normally, I would never even think about posting a photo like the example but I think you get the point of how a combination can be put together and not have you looking your best
Plus size fashion “dont’s”
  1. Don’t wear anything that is too big
  2. Don’t wear anything that is too tight
  3. Don’t wear anything that washes your skin tone out
  4. Don’t buy a piece today if you CANNOT wear it today
  5. Don’t hold on to clothes in the hopes you will one day be able to wear them
  6. Don’t ever leave the house with clothes that are tattered and torn
  7. Don’t wear a style if it does not compliment your silhouette
  8. Don’t support designers and stores who do not support you
  9. Don’t fill your closet with one color – There are more colors out there besides black
  10. Don’t forget about your foundation garments
In the many years and many posts on Full Figure Plus dealing with some aspect of plus size fashion I have always tried not to tell anyone what to do in some sort of draconian “do what I say or else” tone.  My passion for plus size fashion comes from wanting to see larger ladies looking their best at all times. Though most of the above list consists of things I have talked about literally for years I will keep repeating them until I feel the plus size fashion community has gone beyond the beginning stages of concentrating on size acceptance first and fashion second.
“Plus size fashion from a male perspective” is the tagline for Full Figure Plus and part of the reason I see things from more of a practical point of view and less of the passionate side which is when I say “don’t” do something it has more to do with looking your best at all times both inside and out opposed to brow beating you into submission. As with anything you read take what applies to you and discard the rest.
Bonus plus size fashion “don’t”
Don’t assume every style that comes out each season is for you and your unique figure.
If you think about it if you do the opposite of the don’ts you will get the do’s. Coming up next will be 10 plus size fashion do’s

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