lunes, 27 de abril de 2015

Show Off your Curves

I live in a beautiful island in the Caribbean Puerto Rico la Isla del Encanto ( Enchanted Island) where is summer all year. And there's always a reason with no reason to enjoy the beautiful beaches we have. And what better time than walking your curves no matter the size of your clothes as long as you own it.

Sunglasses from Vonzipper

Hat from Walrtmart

 Self confidence it is what makes us lead the world. When we love as we are nothing and no one touches us.

One of our beautiful beaches Combate in Cabo Rojo, bordered on the south by the Caribbean Sea, the west by the Mona Passage.
Swimwear from Torrid Peekaboo One-Piece Swimsuit

We do not have time to complain we should live life as one and enjoy its wonders.

Remember and enjoy showing off  your curves and show the world that  we  are beautiful  when we are ourselves without any stereotypes. Be a being of light wherever you stand.


These products have not been 
promoted by any of the companies,
have been  purchased by me with my money 
so that I can show quality products and affordable.

Stay Healthy and Beautiful


Dary Lee
Curvilicious Fashionista

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