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Trends that REALLY Flatter your Style!

 In real life, playing with shapes, cuts, and proportions is one of those things that can look so, so right, or go so horribly wrong. To save you from suffering such a fate, we've rounded up our favorite  trends that show off your best assets.

Try: A Pencil Skirt — Whether you’re pear-shaped or have the physique of a ruler, the pencil skirt can be universally flattering. If you've got a set of svelte calves, be sure to stock up on pencil skirts in all materials, colors, and levels of bling. 

From Kiyonna

Try: Exaggerated Sleeves — Large, beautiful, exaggerated sleeves are here to stay, and they're oftentimes featured on slim-cut jackets or cropped shirts. If you've got a narrow torso, you've got the perfect body shape to balance out all that volume and show off your tiny bod. Remember — keep things streamlined on the bottom. Wear 'em with a pair of skinny pants or a slim-cut skirt.

From Tawni Haynes

Try: Peplum — If you’re small on top with killer curves on the bottom, show off that derriere with a peplum dress. The peplum makes your waist look smaller and pops at just the right place; consider it a picture frame for your bum!

From Jibri

Try: Wide-Legged Pants — If you've got some leg to spare, work them into a wide-leg trouser. 

From IGIGI's

Try: A Halter Dress — If you've got swimmer's shoulders, take a cue from Ralph Lauren. Choose something close-fitting or high-necked, which will let your collarbones and upper arms take center stage.

From Torrid

Try: Belted Thick Fabrics — Lots of ladies can't afford to bulk up too much, but if you've got a teeny-tiny waist, you can layer up without getting too boxy. Pair wool skirts and ribbed or cable-knit sweaters with thick leather belts to create shape, and streamline the shape. 

From IGIGI's

Try: A Deep V-Neck — If you have a flatter chest, you can pull off the season's deep V-neckline. This streamlined shape calls for a looser fit on the bottom. Try a flowing maxi skirt or a high-waisted pant with roomy, large legs. 

Francesca Dress in Black

From IGIGI's

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