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Tawni Haynes Custom Apparel (ICONYQ)

I found this  Fashion Designer and owner of Iconyq Apparel Boutique, located at 316 W. Beltline in Cedar Hill, Tx. on FaceBoook and I was awe with her styles and her designs. 

Sleek, straight lines, bold prints, and elegant, form-fitted designs are just a few ways to characterize the unique technique of stylist and fashion designer, Tawni Haynes.

Tawni is well known around DFW as an up and coming fashion forward retailer and custom apparel artist with a vivid sense of classy sophistication far beyond her 30 years of age.

What originally began as a love for the trendiest ladies shoes, handbags, and accessories has blossomed almost overnight into a full-scale fashion design business. Tawni is joint owner and operator of ICONYQ Apparel Boutique, located in Cedar Hill, Texas. What appears from the outside as a local, run of the mill establishment on the historic city square, sets itself apart as soon as you peer through the front doors as the ever-changing, window displays featuring her custom creations.

Tawni takes pride in transforming hundreds of clients from ordinary to runway ready for events ranging from a Sunday church service to national television appearances. She is especially recognized for her gift of making any woman look and feel absolutely stunning, regardless of body shape or size. “My clients are real women with curves and it’s important that every garment I design and sell make them feel like the most beautiful woman in the room- whether they are a size 8 or 18.” 

“The difference you will find in one of my hand-crafted garments is meticulous effort and an end product that suits each client’s body type.” The Fall/Winter line, which debuts this June, is said to display the very essence of Tawni’s signature style, featuring inimitable concepts and fabrication.

As Tawni continues to advance her career in the Fashion Design industry, she continues to set the latest in industry trends and construction methods to guarantee that her product and service offerings are leading edge and remarkably chic.

Some of her designs:

Fantasia Barrino in Tawni Haynes White Bow Blouse

Tawni Haynes - Sequin Jacket and Shorts

Tawni Haynes - Trench Dress with Patent Leather Belt

Tamela Mann in Tawni Haynes Leopard Pencil Dress

Tawni Haynes - High waist pencil skirt and ruffle blouse.

Tawni Haynes - Bubble Dress and Lap Scarf

Prophetess Christina Glenn Weeks in Tawni Haynes Custom Apparel

LadyStephanie Jackson in her Tawni Haynes (Custom-Made) Iridescent .

Tamela Mann in Tawni Haynes Custom Apparel, Leather Bow Pencil Dress

Tamela Mann in Tawni Haynes Custom Apparel, Leather Bow Pencil Dress

You can find her
FB- https://www.facebook.com/tawnihaynes
FB Fan Page- https://www.facebook.com/TawniHaynesCustomApparel
Twitter- https://twitter.com/tawnihaynes
YT- http://www.youtube.com/tawnihaynes

I hope you like it like I did. Her desings are awesome.

Stay Healthy and Beautiful in your own skin.


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