domingo, 29 de julio de 2012

Curvas Tropicales 2012

On July 27, 2012 the Red Coral Lounge at Marriott Hotel in Condado, Puerto Rico  dressed up celebrating and giving the opportunity a 3 designers to present their cloleccion inspired by Puerto Rican and Latinas curves. Giving them a taste of Tropical.

Hotel Marriott, Condado

Produced by

One of our makeup artists Caleb Ramos professional

Makeup Artist and Stylist .

For information and services (787) 702-0483

Host of the night Dary-Lee Lander

Makeup,hair and dress by Rialzare Salon & Boutique and the owner Ruth Reyes. Located in Bayamon (787) 787-378-0570

We start with the collections and designers at night:

Osadia collection of designer  Grisel Barrios

Model Nelly Fortuño
Model Zory Blanco
Model Sandra Carrera 
Model Anais Conde
Model Ana Garcia
 was signed with the Agency IPM Models in NY.

Model Maria Colon

Model Militza Rivera

Model Sigrid Enid

Model Krystal Cusimano

Model Suleimis Guibert

Designer Grisel Barrios

 Haute Couture Designer Fernando Gantier

The most awaited collection Curvas Tropicales designers Nelly Trinidad and Yolyne Negron

Curvas Tropicales designers Nelly Trinidad and Yolyne Negron

It was a magical night and the models wore spectacular. So expect soon the Winter collection.

Stay healthy & beautiful

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