martes, 27 de diciembre de 2011

Light up your face

Eyelashes, shadows, eyeliners, lipsticks and lip balms and blush should be your priority when to go fix you for a New Year party. Get them with brilliance that illuminate your face and the rest of the skin.

 If you feel beautiful you will be the center of attention and what better than the glitter to achieve that effect.

 Fill in your brows with a shade that is similar to the color of your hair and apply a light color on the edge of this to give light. Comb up in subtle ways.

Nude lips subtle elegant look, go with a bold and dramatic hair eyes great.However,the  nude shadow of the perfect lip  depends on your skin exactly the same,based on the different woman.In choosing the right shadow, and get the perfect nude lip is a simple technology, the way I hope you can get within a few seconds.

  • Your lips,rub some lip balm and clear.This will soften and allow the use of color is lighter, smoother and easier.
  • Outline your lips and make-up gently with a pencil, is the basis for the precise shade.Completion of the scheme and the transfer of Color Line color of your lips nude.
  • Increased demand from the coat of lip gloss and a bright, shiny and looks completely naked.

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