viernes, 2 de diciembre de 2011

Drawing your Eyes

The eyeliner is one of the main protagonists in the makeup and black eyeliner is one of the most famous is a must in your makeup bag. That the focus of your face is your eyes and the application of these four ways to apply it. The cat ripped look and style just scream seduction and femininity.

Cat Eye

For this look we recommend using the liquid eyeliner because it facilitates the long lines. The trick is to start right in the eyes with a thickness less, then greater and lesser end. You do the same on the bottom line of the eye and at the end of both lines join without leaving spaces. This technique makes the eye look almond-shaped and extremely sensual.


 As a first step you should create the shape with more or less shade from the half eye out on top and then draw from the tip of the lower lash line up outside and join them. Ends applying liquid eyeliner or pencil either on the shade. This is ideal outlined fallen eye.

Lower Lashes

 If your eyes are round and want to counter it, this look can favor you. Furthermore, it is super easy to create. But if the liner is a bright color and the eye is small, may be more elongated. In fact, it can be applied shadow to make it look more dramatic.  You can wear it like so or wear eyeliner on the inside.

Retro Eyes 

Apply a light shade that will serve as a basis in the lid and the bottom of the lashes. This line should extend as long. Then, apply gel eyeliner on top with a small tail that is above the lighter shade outside the eye. It ends with the application and very thin bottom liner from tears to the outside, but below the line clear. You can join the lines in the tears duct and not outside or connect either side to join.

 Stay Healthy and Beautiful


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