domingo, 26 de agosto de 2012

1 Wedding Dress Styled For 3 Different Brides

A bride has a million opportunities to show off her POV during the day (or weekend) of celebrations, but let's be honest, most of that self-expression usually boils down to the gown. We're here to beg you to reconsider.

After all, of your entire wedding day ensemble, your dress is probably the one piece you'll never wear again… so, why spend so much energy and money on it? In our opinion, it's the shoes and accessories that will really make your outfit.

With that in mind, styling around one great, under-$1,000 dress, we've come up with three very different wedding-day outfits made up of accessories you'll want to wear time and again, for a little cost-per-wear (and sentimental) value.

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