martes, 5 de junio de 2012

What Your Swimsuit Says About You!!!

Ever wonder what guys think about that super-trendy new swimsuit you’ve had your eye on all spring? Well, we’ve already quizzed men about hairstyles and jeans, so we decided to give bathing suits the same treatment. Read on to find out what your bathing suit says about you…

Polka dots are the print to pick.“The perfect mix. A little sexy, a little classic, confident yet comfortable."

Sassy stripes are bold and fun.“So many colors and stripe weights—this swimsuit says I'm outgoing and not afraid to try new things…or Trix yogurt."

Accessorizing at the beach can send a flirty message.“The one-piece suit says she considers herself a lady; the heels suggest that she wants to be noticed and flirted with."
"St. Lucia" Beaded Chiffon Cover Up- Burnt Orange
Mixing and matching your swimsuit sends a confident vibe.“[This suit] says, ‘I know I look good, and I'm not afraid to draw some attention to myself.
Head-to-toe white is confident but approachable.”Maybe it's because she appears to have been caught mid-Hokey Pokey, but you know this woman used to get up every morning at 6am to dance in front of the TV to The Grind. Which is perfect because that makes 2 of us. Yes ma'am, your boring friends may be snoozing in the sand, but we WILL join you for your solo dance party.”
Some suits make dudes think of dessert—and that’s a good thing.Mmm…striped ice cream.”
Goofy novelty beach accessories are good for a laugh.“Mom? What are you doing at the beach?”

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