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The Ideal Bag

The ideal piece

The purse, bag or the handbag are the different name that is known it  in addition to others.

One of the most important accessory when dressed. This accessory  adds the finishing touch to your outfit and complements your style. Like any proper accessory selection is essential for the perfect look.

Some tips that you can get the best match:

  • If you are short, or thin, a large bag is not the best option because it will make you look more petite.
  • If instead you are tall, you should not use a small one it will make you look bigger.
  • If you have wide hips, it is important to the long belt of the bag. This must come above the hips.
  • If you have large breasts, the portfolio should reach below the waist so you do not see too bulky at the top.
  • The style of the bag should complement your dress. Do not be afraid to use strong colors , these add a touch feminine and fun.
  • The purses are very trendy so you can take one instead of a bag.






Cross body bag:

Fanny pack:

Portfolio Bag:

Stay healthy and beautiful

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