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Plus Size Fashion Trends: How to Dress Sexy When You are Size 14 and Up!

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5 tips to dress sexy with this season's fashion trends!

You don’t have to be a petite sexpot wearing a size 2, Herve Leger bandage dress à la Kim Kardashian to ooze super-sex appeal.
In fact, a fashion-savvy plus-sized diva looking to unleash her inner Marilyn Monroe or Jill Scott, dressing sexy is definitely in the details.

plus size fashion tips Plus Size Fashion Trends: How to Dress Sexy When You are Size 14 and Up!

From  learning how to conceal your lady lumps properly to finding figure-flattering clothes that skim over your curves, the plus-sized women can dress sexy, if she follows a these 5 fashion rules.

Plus Size Fashion Trends and Tip #1 – Conceal the bad and reveal the good.

A sexy plus-sized woman uses the art of illusion to her advantage. How?
If you have a flabby tummy,  cover it with empire waisted tops and dresses. If your shoulders and neck are your best features, wear U-neck and V-neck shirts to give the appearance of a long and lean frame.

Plus Size Fashion Trends and Tip #2 - Eliminate any baggy clothing.

Newsflash: big clothes  like oversize sweaters and sweatpants, are the enemy of sexy. Why? Baggy clothing makes curvy, plus-size figures seem larger. Give all your oversize sweatshirts and baggy jeans to charity.
Buy yourself new dresses and tops that are snug, but don’t cling over your body.plus size fashion trends 300x199 Plus Size Fashion Trends: How to Dress Sexy When You are Size 14 and Up!

Plus Size Fashion Trends and Tip #3 - Follow these basic style secrets for a curvy and sexy body.

Want to be the best dressed woman in the room?  Draw the eye towards your beautiful face by wearing bold and light-colored blouses and tops mixed with dark boot-cut jeans and pencil skirt .
Cinch everything you wear—from blouses to dresses—with a large and brightly colored belt.
For women who wear a size 14 dress and up, the scoop neck top is forever a sexy style staple. In fact, a scoop neck style displays your decolletage  and face beautifully!

Plus Size Fashion Trends and Tip #4 - Embrace the infamous wrap dress.

Wrap Diane von Furstenberg’s iconic dress around your lovely body to minimizing curves and whittle your waist. When paired with a light-colored camisole, this plus size fashion staple is perfect outfit for a casual dinner date or a night on the town with your girlfriends.

Plus Size Fashion Trends and Tip #5 - Create smooth and clean lines with your foundation garments.

Grab your spanx girls! Undergarments made from nylon spandex and Lycra will shape and smooth your body without going on a crash diet.  Before you grab the latest  slim pencil skirts or wrap dresses, buy the best girdles, sharpers and body slimmers you can afford.
Unleashing your inner sex kitten is all about amplifying your assets. Pump up your curves with plus size fashion trends that are showstopping and seriously sexy!

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