sábado, 21 de abril de 2012

Juice for the skin

The skin is nourished by the fruits that contain vitamins. The effect that might have some in your skin if you take in daily juices.

Orange Juice:

Find vitamin C, which protects against aging and repair damage caused by the sun and pollution. Also gives shine to the skin and helps to reduce wrinkles and blemishes.

Carrot Juice:

The combination of vitamins B, A, C, D, E and K makes it ideal to combat skin problems.

Juice of lettuce, beets and carrots:

The mixture of these vegetables helps improve the texture and appearance of the skin and hair.

Strawberry Juice:

Ideal for relieving dry skin.

Kiwi Juice:

Assist the effective healing wounds and collagen production.

Tomato Juice:

It is a source of vitamin E, which helps keep the bright complexion  and smooth skin.

Pear Juice:

Recommended to improve skin with acne.

Pineapple Juice:

It helps with the problem of cellulite.

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