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What Your It Bag Of Choice Says About You

Your eyes may well be the windows to your soul, but we believe your handbag reveals more about your personality than a staring contest ever could. In fact, your handbag is probably the one fashion item you consistently wear the most, and anything that you trust to shuttle all your daily necessities and to match all your outfits should be pretty darn distinctive. 

So, tell us, which bag are you?

Canvas Tote

Price: (Usually) Free
Loved By: Students, Interns, those headed to the gym
Usually Worn With: Beanies
Drink of choice: The 2-for-1 special

Hermes Birkin Bag

Price: $4,475
Loved By: Socialites, celebrity, editors at large
Usually Worn With: YSL heels
Drink of choice: Pinot Grigio

Proenza Schouler PS.1

Price: $1,225+
Loved By: Downtown girls with cash to drop, models.
Usually Worn With: Summers scarves
Drink of choice: Makers and soda

Cambridge Satchel CO.

Loved By: Bloggers, editors under 30
Usually Worn With: Detachable collars
Drink of choice: Something fruity but deceptively strong

Chanel 2.55

Loved By: Fashion ladies, the 50+ set, the spoiled -18 set
Usually Worn With:Bitch lips
Drink of choice: Veuve Cliquot

Celine Luggage Bag Tote

Loved By: Working girls who actually need to carry more than just a cell 
phone and lip gloss. ( you know who you are)
Usually Worn With:A Jason Wu dress
Drink of choice: Vodka gimlet

I'm a little bit of all but most of the chanel 2.55 is a classic style that never die.

Stay healthy and beautiful

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